Automatic Pulse Interface | Sensitive

The Automatic Pulse Interface (API) has been developed in order to prevent the problems that can occur when tapping into the vehicle speed signal (or RPM signal), in order to feed a device such as a navigation system, cruise control, alarm, black box, taximeter or accident analysis equipment.


An API can solve a number of problems. It is fitted with an amplifier capable of enhancing a vehicle speed signal (or RPM signal) to a 10V block pulse and includes a filter that takes care of voltage peaks and interference. Suitable for voltages of 12 to 24V.

The API solves 98% of all of the types of problem that may affect a vehicle speed signal. To pick up signals with a very low amplitude, a sensitive version, the API4-S can be supplied. There is also an API4-D that can double the number of pulses generated.