CAN-interface | 8 outputs | Universal

CAN-interface with 8 analog outputs

  • Speed
  • Low beam
  • High beam
  • Brake
  • Left Direction Indicator (LDI)
  • Right Direction Indicator (RDI)
  • Switched Power
  • Parking light

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The BCI-8UDS is a universal CAN interface. It supports and recognises all car makes and models with CAN Highspeed. Only one type of software is therefore required for each signal configuration and you only ever need to keep one BCI in stock!

Connecting a BCI is quick and easy. Once connected to a constant power supply, a ground and two CAN wires, the BCI will automatically determine the car make and type. The BCI needs no more than 20 seconds to recognise the car, after which it will control the relevant outputs.
And with the help of the free INCAR-instruction that comes with every BCI, locating the CAN connections in the car is easy too.